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Tunnel Monitoring


What sets SMS apart is that we use fiber optic sensors. Most electrical sensors fail in less than 5 years while fiber optic sensors and cables last for decades. The hot and humid environment corrodes electrical sensors and cables quickly and FO is impervious to this. Additionally, electrical sensors will pick up 3rd rail arching.


The cost of FO is lower than electrical provides higher accuracy. 


Our FO technologies are available in point and or distributed sensors. A distributed fiber is unique in that it can provide several kilometers of temperature and or strain readings on one cable. 


Placing a sensor cable in poured concrete thousands of strain and temperature readings over its length for decades of life.


Installation requires 1/8th of the amount of cabling than an electrical based system would use, and fiber optic cable can run over 10 miles without power. Installation and long-term maintenance costs are significantly lower and have higher reliability. 


Monitor Solutions;

  • Strain information of the structure

  • Displacements and strain

  • Detection of cracks, movement or other events

  • Geo and hydrological monitoring

  • Fire detection

  • Water leakage that compromises the structural integrity


We provide design, installation, and long term monitoring of the tunnels.  This helps Tunnel Engineers target inspection, repairs, and warn of impending failures. 


SMS can provide a short WebEx presentation to explain our technologies. 

Tunnel Setup
Inclinometer for landslides
Tunnel Leak Detection

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