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Leak Detection

Leak-Echo Sensor

SMS’s Leak-Echo fiber-optic technology provides ultra-low-cost, extreme maintenance reliability, highly accurate and sensitive leak detection. Installation cost is a small fraction of the cost of other monitoring systems using SMS's one Corrosion proof Field-Ready Structured-Cable-Technology Our patented point 2-inch sensor requires a small hole to the pipeline, not a complete excavation. Our solutions are API 1175 Compliant.



The Leak-Echo system is so sensitive it detected a California earthquake from NJ. This is a high sampling rate, low-frequency fiber optic transducer made for capturing steady-state leaks, rarefaction waves, and highspeed impacts from bullets or backhoe impacts from great distances. 

  • Detects Leaks

  • Pipeline Strain 

  • Detects 3rd party impact

  • Works on Gas and Liquids

  • Lightning Strike resistance

  • Distributed and Point Sensors

  • Sensor spacing every 500-1,000 feet

  • One DAQ every 20 miles (uses solar)

  • Sensors & Cable Intrinsically Safe (IS)

  • 50 years Sensor & Cable life expectancy 

  • Rarefaction Wave, Acoustic, Acoustic Emission technology

  • One Corrosion proof Field-Ready Structured-Cable-Technology

Owners know why current methods do not work as exhibited in Kalamazoo in 2010. NTSB investigators found that the operating firm, which had received automated leak signals from the pipeline that a breach had occurred, misunderstood or they did not believe the signal and attempted to continue to pump dilbit oil through the pipeline for 17 hours after the breach. Their leak detection system could not locate the leak and firefighters searched in vain. 

Our newest addition to our monitoring solutions is a fixed-wing drone or UAS platform.  Ask for Structural Hawk Information. 

Contact SMS today for more details.  

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