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Fiber Optic Systems


Our experts can guide you through system selection, and our project managers can plan a complete installation.


Remote Monitoring Systems

The Helios remote monitoring system has been developed for continuous outdoor remote Acoustic Structural Health Monitoring.  The system can handle 100s of Acoustic, strain, vibration, displacement, or other sensors all within a small, weatherproof, outdoor NEMA 4 enclosure. The Helios can connect acoustic sensors, strain gauges, or a mix of both.  The system provides full acoustic signal processing, including waveforms, as well as a full feature dataset of the acoustic information using digital signal processing.



True Acoustic Sensor

  • Traditional acoustic sensors use piezoelectric (PZT) crystal, Echo-AE fiber optic acoustic sensors use a vibrating mirror.

  • Vibrating mirror reflects a high-power laser, instead of generating a micro-voltage like a PZT sensor

  • Echo-AE is more sensitive than PZT

  • Detects wire breaks from a greater distance requiring fewer sensors

  • Exclusive Patented Design 

  • 20 times more sensitive to in-plane wire breaks 

  • This is NOT a strain-based distributed sensor technology but a real-time acoustic sensor

  • Multiple Sensors can be installed on one channel or one fiber of a multicore FO cable.

  • Follows ASTM procedures and NIST traceability standards

Helios flyer image

Helios System Brochure

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Echo AE flyer image

Echo-AE Sensor Brochure

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