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Structural Hawk

VE straight eagle plane
Structural Hawk (SH)

SH is was created in 2019 by leading experts in software, avionics, and UAS aeronautics.  This bird is 100% USA Made.  We have outlined a few of its many impressive performance specifications.  



Flight Duration

Professional Quadcopters provide 30-45 min of flight time. Group 1 (<5lbs) fixed-wing UAS under ideal conditions can provide 60-90 minutes of flight time. The Structural Hawk's flight time is 200+ minutes. SH has achieved over 200 minutes of flight time on a single battery with a standard payload.

  • 3½ Hour Flight Duration

  • Autopilot Controlled Soft Landing

  • One Person Operation / Manpack Capable

  • 100% Commercial Platform

  • 20 Mile (30 km) Range

  • Assembles in < 5 minutes

Yes, send the SH Brochure today
VE Controller

Simplified Assembly

Vigilant Eagle Folded
Vigilant Eagle Hand Launch fixed wing done UAS

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Vigilant Eagle Hand Launch fixed wing done UAS
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